Friday, April 18, 2014

UPDATE: What Dugway Sewer construction Glenville residents can expect over the next 90 days

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has begun construction of the Dugway West Interceptor Relief Sewer, an extensive Project Clean Lake project we refer to as the Dugway Sewer.

Last month, a community meeting presented the next three months of work in the neighborhood so residents would know what to expect. Here is the presentation, as well as some highlights below.

Road and Lane Closures
The closures identified here began last month and will remain closed until Fall 2016. Area detour routes will be clearly marked and additional notifications will be distributed to residents and business owners as work occurs in their immediate area.
  • East 110th Street between Glenview Avenue and Dundee Drive
  • Intersection of East 109th Street and St. Clair Avenue
  • Intersection of East 109th Street and Elk Avenue
  • Elk Avenue between East 107th Street and East 107th Place
"Next 90 days" refers to April-June 2014.

Equipment and Construction Zones
The Dugway Sewer project includes the use of heavy machinery (excavation and microtunneling equipment, cranes and trucks) to construct the shafts and tunnels required for the project. All construction zones will be fenced and barricaded and the shafts will be covered during non-working hours.

Safety of area residents and our workers is a top priority for the Sewer District and will be taken seriously. However, please be careful while driving and/or walking near the work zones.
We understand the impact this project will have on the Glenville neighborhood and we ask for your cooperation and patience during the process. We strive to be good neighbors during this project and will work diligently to keep any disruption of the community to a minimum.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Sewer District’s Customer Service Department at (216) 881-8247 or leave us a comment below.

Walsh/Super Excavators JV II is the prime contractor responsible for the construction of Dugway Sewer.

About Project Clean Lake

The Dugway Sewer is part of Project Clean Lake, the Sewer District’s $3 billion, 25-year program to reduce the amount of combined sewer overflows that discharge a mixture of sanitary sewage and stormwater into area waterways (including Dugway Brook and Lake Erie) during heavy rains.

Upon completion, the Dugway Sewer will allow the Sewer District to capture and treat 110 million gallons of combined sewage annually, preventing it from entering the environment and negatively impacting the Glenville neighborhood and Greater Cleveland.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4th Community Meeting Presentation

Thank you to everyone who attended tonight's Ward 9 meeting hosted by Councilman Conwell. The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District hopes you found tonight's presentation informational and helpful.

The Dugway West Interceptor Relief Sewer is part of a network of sewers and tunnels being constructed to drastically reduce combined sewer overflows (or CSO), ensuring a cleaner environment for the Glenville neighborhood and beyond. DWIRS is part of the Euclid Creek and Dugway Storage Tunnel system which, when completed, should reduce CSOs and decrease flooding.

As promised, a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation is posted below.

As we proceed with this project, updates will be posted regularly to the "Dugway Tunnel Blog."

Understanding the Dugway Sewer project

The Dugway West Interceptor Relief Sewer is a new sewer project being constructed by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. Work on the Dugway Sewer, will being construction in September 2013 and continue for approximately three years.

Additional information about the Dugway Sewer is on the info card below:

For more information about DWIRS, please contact Angela Jones at (216) 881-6600.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dugway West Interceptor Relief Sewer

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District will begin construction of the Dugway West Interceptor Relief Sewer (DWIRS) this fall. This project will improve the collection of stormwater during heavy rain events.

Most of the DWIRS project will take place in Cleveland's Ward 9, so Councilman Conwell has invited the Sewer District to present at his next Ward Meeting.

Cleveland Ward 9 Meeting
Thursday, April 4, 2013
5:00 p.m.
Glenville Library (11900 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland)

For those unable to attend this meeting, a copy of the presentation will be posted to this blog.